Friday, October 26, 2012

Homemade Friday: Halloween Garland on a Stick

Yesterday Sebastian was searching for something to do, which basically entailed him walking behind me saying "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"

I'd been thinking about making a Halloween craft with him and thought that this might be a good time.  Actually, what I really thought was "If it will get you to stop whining my name so much, then FINE. LET'S CRAFT."

But that's not what I said.  Obviously.

We started a little late and so had to rush through to get done before Adele woke up.  So that means that I let Sebastian watch me cut out ghosts and pumpkins and bright blue bats because we didn't have any black felt.  He did decide what the faces would look like on the little Halloween shapes.  And he did keep picking up my needle I used to attach thread and telling me how sharp it was.

A word of advice if you decide to make something like this: Don't take it outside on a windy day to take pictures.  Otherwise you will get photos like this:

And then you will spend 10 minutes untangling it.  As I had put in the effort, I felt it only fair that Sebastian forgo his need to use the bathroom and let me continue to take his picture.  Here he is complaining about needing to pee:

And this is after the bathroom break and after I gave up getting an outside photo and way after Sebastian was done with the whole silly craft:

I hung it over our window in our back room/play room:

And here's how it looks from outside:

And here's how I felt about untangling all of those strings multiple times because of wind and various excited 4 year olds who wouldn't hold still and stop swinging the branch around:

Sebastian likes it, though.  He says it's part of our haunted house.

In case you were truly interested in what I did, I cut out shapes by hand - pumpkins, ghosts and bats - using felt.  Then I drew faces with a sharpie - either happy, sad or scary, whichever Sebastian wanted.  We went out into the yard and found a big stick, then I attached all the shapes to the stick with black thread.  I didn't measure anything, as you would expect.

When Chris got home he noticed it right away and said "Hey, that's neat!"  I'm assuming he meant "Hey! Looks like you actually did something today!"

But I could be over-analyzing ...

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