Thursday, May 8, 2014

Me-Made-May 2014

Have you heard of this?

Maybe not as I'm not sure how involved in the sewing/making stuff blog realm I am.  It's a pledge you take to wear something handmade every day of the month of May.

I didn't officially sign up as I didn't know there was an official sign up so I don't feel quite so bad about not exactly meeting that goal.

However, I do want to attempt it.  I like the idea of handmade things, as you can probably tell.  I like knitting and sewing and making jewelry and creating pretty things with my own two hands.

I'm a bit late in the game, but here we go.

I, Jaime Thomas, otherwise known as jaimalaya, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 14.  I endeavor to wear something handmade at least four days a week for the duration of May 2014.  

That sounds like an attainable goal, right? Plus it also gives me an excuse to sew myself some shirts.  And some skirts.  And some easy-to-sew/wear items.

At some point in the future (near or far?  Probably far) I hope to attempt sewing jeans.  I think I can do it with tutorials and guides and most definitely help from my Mom.  But that won't be this month so forget I said anything about it.

So far I've done well-ish with my handmade goal.

On Thursday, May 1, I wore the green scarf shown in the post on the vintagey Butterick Dress.  Here is a poor, blurry, upside down photo of it.  But it's up close and true-to-color!

It's the Clarendon Scarf from Knitpicks knit in City Tweed DK Enchanted.

Friday, May 2, I spent most of the day sewing a maxi version of the Washi Dress to wear to a Derby party, so as I was making something for me I didn't think I actually had to wear something I made.  Yes, it's flawed logic.  But I'm awesome at flawed logic so just go with it.

Here is the dress I made:

I was unsure of the pink fabric before I started but facebook told me to go with it and I always listen to facebook.  And when I was done I was still unsure of the pink. And so my husband sealed the entire dress fiasco by telling me I looked like I was going to a wedding.  He didn't say it in a positive manner so I think I'm just going to dye it black.

So on Saturday, May 3, instead of the dress I wore this shirt:

I love, love, love, love this shirt.  The fabric (TINY UMBRELLAS!)!  The design!  My first t-shirt I've ever sewn!  It's the Renfrow top from Sewaholic Patterns and I have plans to make many, many different versions of it.

Here's a picture of me at the Derby party that I stole from someone else.  Please notice that there is nothing on Adele's plate but cheetos and bread.  Later she ate two s'mores so I'm sure it all balanced out:

Sunday, May 4, I wore a store-bought dress because I was hungover and tired.  (Logic!)

On Monday, May 5, I stayed with Adele, who had a horrific stomach virus.  I desired comfort so I wore the Trapeze Sundress I sewed last summer.  I still love that dress.

Tuesday, May 6, I was gifted with Adele's horrific stomach virus so I wore pajamas all day.  No I did not sew them myself.

Wednesday, May 7, I wore a store bought dress because reasons.

And that brings us to today, Thursday, May 8.  I'm wearing the Washi Dress.  Apparently I wear a lot of dresses and I am perfectly fine with that.

So that's four out of eight?  Not as good as I'd like but not too bad.  I guess I have to up my game.  And sew some more things because I'm not sure I have enough to last me.

Oh darn!  I have to sew!

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