Friday, June 14, 2013

Homemade Friday: More sewing from Weekend Sewing

 Today was rough.  Like ROUGH rough. 

Sebastian has been going to Bible School all week, which I'm a little unsure about anyway, mostly because he comes home grumpy and doesn't seem like he's actually having fun.  But whatever.  We signed up.  So he went.

Today was the last day and they wanted the parents to go to a mass in the gym of the church school.  I had hoped that my mom would be off work so she could watch Adele, but no such luck.  And Chris couldn't get off work to go with me, so I was left on my own to wrangle (or wrestle, if we're being more specific) Adele.

The highlight was when the priest stopped mass to mention the fact that my phone had gone flying.  Into another kid's head.

So.  Good times, is what I'm saying.

And then I was set free and able to take my little hellion back home, where she continued her reign of terror.  And then I had to go back for a ridiculously long end-of-the-week 'program' where the kids sung songs and there was a 15-minute long slideshow and where my daughter tried to kick the old woman sitting in front of me and threw a piece of gum on the floor and IT WOULDN'T END.

And then it finally did.

And then we went home and she went to sleep, but her brother woke her up and she started screaming.  I rocked her, then put her back in bed.

And she screamed again.  So I rocked her again.  It didn't work.

So this is going to be quite short on the description.

Adele's dress is the Flower Girl Dress from Weekend Sewing.  It was easy (No Zippers!) and would have been even easier if I had measured her before sewing and realized that the bodice was entirely too small, so small that I couldn't even put it on her.  I was finished, all but the straps and hem, but I had to take it all apart and make the bodice seams smaller so that I could at least put it on her.

It's probably only going to fit for about three weeks.  Luckily I've already cut out another one:

But it's so adorable and the fabric is so sweet that I don't care.  It's actually a toss up between the bicycle and rainbow fabric for the one that is the most full of awesome.  The rainbow fabric I bought from Hancocks years ago, either before Adele was born or when she was little bitty.  I got the red fabric from ... well, I don't actually remember.  But I googled 'red bicycle fabric' and found it that way, if you are so inclined.  I do know that I paid more for it than I usually do.  I'm a clearance bin kind of girl.  But I couldn't resist it.

And speaking of clearance bin fabric:

This dress is also from Weekend Sewing, the Trapeze Sundress.  This one was also super easy and quick.  The dress is the perfect summer dress.  It's light, has large straps to cover the bra, and, most importantly, it has pockets.  But I also think I can get a lot of use out of it in fall and winter with leggings and a sweater or long-sleeve shirt.

I don't remember where I got this fabric from, but I do know it was cheap.  Here's a close up because I accidentally took a photo when I was trying to work the self-timer:

I think I should have made a smaller size because it bunches in the middle of the top.  But I'm horrible at measuring so this is what I got.  But I see many, many more of these in my future, so I can tweak it as needed.

Seriously - if you like to sew - buy Weekend Sewing.  I've already started on the Everything Tote. 

And the Smocked Sundress.  And the Kimono Dress.

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  1. Love both projects! I've got the book at home and one of my first projects was the tote. It's awesome. Only a bit quirky on the handles - lots and lots of layers to get through.

    Looking forward to trying the dress myself!


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