Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Random Wednesday: In which I discuss candy bars, sewing and temperamental daughters

1. I bought a candy bar because my credit card wouldn't work at the gas pump.

2. Makes total sense.

3. I mean, since my card wouldn't work I had to go inside to pay for the gas.

4. And the candy bar was just sitting there.

5. Also I really wanted it.

6. Also I also really want a nap.

7. Also I also want to see how may times I can type 'also' in one post.

8. That might be enough.

9. I've been doing really well with Me Made May and it's actually pretty thrilling, but only because I'm a dork.

10. I'm excited for Friday when I'll be home alone and can sew myself a tank top.  

11. And maybe some shorts? And a skirt?

12. I probably won't get all of that done.

13. I am in fact not a wizard, sewing or otherwise.

14. I also (damn it!) don't really want to buy more fabric as I've got a lot already.

15. And I'm not sure I have the right type of fabric for what I want to sew.

16. We'll see.

17. Adele threw my kindle at my head this morning because she had something in her eye.

18. Then she was mad at me because I wouldn't give it back to her.  

19. First of all, she threw it at my head.  

20. Second of all we were at her school/daycare and didn't have time for her to play on it.

21. I drug her into school, screaming.  (Dragged?)

22. Everyone thought she just didn't want to leave me and was so sad about it.

23. In reality she was just pissed at me.

24. I was not sad about dropping her off this morning.

25. God bless daycare, is what I'm saying.

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