Friday, May 30, 2014

Homemade Friday: The Minecraft Creeper that won't knit itself

Have you heard of Minecraft?  It's a game that my son can spend hours and hours and hours playing, and one that I don't necessarily understand.  There are zombies and buildings and something called a 'Creeper.'  And apparently there are good Creepers and bad Creepers and House Creepers and a plethora of other Creepers.  I think.

So Sebastian is obsessed with it.  He draws them constantly, but at least now it's on paper instead of his bedroom wall or the couch pillow. And I believe that we're also going to have a Minecraft birthday party in a month.

A few months ago Sebastian asked me to make him a Creeper toy.  I'm not sure if he saw one or what, but he was definite about the fact that I could make one.  And not one to be deterred by things like not knowing what a Creeper actually was, I googled Minecraft patterns.

Guys.  I found one.  Very easily.

And so I started it.  And I worked on it.  And then I knit a little more.

I don't know why it's taking me so long to finish.  It's a simply pattern, but fiddly, you know?  There are just entirely too many pieces that all have to be knit and then sewed together and then stuffed.

The feet?  I think?

I just don't want to work on it.

But, I do because it is a cool pattern and my son will love it and appreciate it so much.  And it will be finished soon.  Hopefully.  I say hopefully because I've taken the needles I was using for the Creeper and started another fornicating deer hat for a friend.  (The people want what the people want.)

So if Sebastian asks the Creeper pattern is very complicated and detailed and that is why it's taking so long.  He's actually been really understanding about the whole thing, which shows you how sweet he is and how much I really want to finish this for him.

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