Thursday, August 22, 2013

Do zombies even still have nuts?

My daughter is still sleeping and it's almost 8 a.m.  This can only mean that she is extremely sick or that she woke up at 4:30 a.m. crying and begging to play on the ipod.

The what?

Of course I was already awake because I my body hates me and gave me a headache and also because I ate a big bowl of pasta last night because Chris was out of town and the kids will eat pasta without wailing and whining and withering in front of their plates.  I haven't had pasta in awhile because of the whole Paleo thing, and my reaction to it last night is probably enough to convince me that maybe we're on the right track with this whole 'changing the way we eat' thing.  The stomach cramps are still continuing and also still making me want to jab a sharp object into my gut in the hopes of relieving the pain.  It's like, you don't know how much better you feel until you eat something that you're not really supposed to.  And then it's like, whoa, maybe there's something to all of this.
I'm impressed that I was able to take this
picture and no blood was shed.

So - no sleep for me.

Sebastian slept in this morning instead of waking up at 5 wanting to get ready for school.  I actually had to wake him up so he wouldn't miss the bus.  He wasn't feeling all that well, either, but I think that was more because it is relatively warm in our house and he insists on sleeping with a feather blanket, which slowly bakes him all night long.  So he was understandably sweaty.  But I sent him to school anyway because it's picture day and I didn't want to have to fiddle with make-up-day or whatever.  Also I am enjoying the peace that comes with my children not being together during the day.  There is much less yelling and screaming and crying.  I think it's good for them to be apart some.  Last night I even caught them playing in the same vicinity without physical violence.  Sebastian was working a puzzle and Adele was building with Duplos and there was a bit of tranquility.

Adele is a bit jealous of Sebastian riding the school bus.  But I want to tell here that it's not that pleasant of a place to be and her brother already discovered the word 'nuts' from a boy on the bus, as in "I'm going to kick a zombie in the nuts."

Ask me how happy I am about that.  Go on, ask.

I know that I can't keep him from all that forever.  But he's 5 years old!  He's just a little boy!

I really wish we could have kept him in the private catholic school that he went to for preschool.  Part of that is because when we went to open house to meet the teachers, in the big meeting with transportation people and lunch room people and whatnot, everyone who spoke basically told us that we were idiots, and that we were going to be an idiot sometime throughout the year, and that they would have to have someone escort us away once we did become idiots.

It wasn't very promising.

But he's learning a lot, I do admit.  He's started sounding out words for real now, and not just sounding them out by repeating what I say.  And he's writing his name so much better than he used to.  He's had some trouble as somehow his name includes more letters than any other name in the history of ever.

Sorry, kid!

So we'll see.  Maybe for first grade we can put him back in catholic school.

We also have both kids playing soccer this year.  Sebastian started on Monday and I spent the entire practice trying to keep Adele off the field.  I brought her ball with us in the hopes of distracting her, but all she did was try to kick it in their goal, and then scream when I kept her from her Olympic soccer dream.

Last night was her first practice and it was ridiculously adorable.  I think she had a lot of fun and I think she's a natural.  She's so athletic and tough.  She was the only girl on the team not wearing a hot pink shirt.  Their team name is Uruguay, but the coach insists on calling them The Princesses.  I kind of wanted to shake him and tell him that his attitude and need to force girls to be dainty princesses is what is wrong with society today.  And then my daughter smacked his daughter in the face so I think he got the point.

(Chris saw it and said she was just playing - not trying to be mean.  But I say it was a direct response to being called a princess.  He made her apologize but I think he should have given her a high-five.)

(I'm joking - please don't fuss at me.)

With Sebastian, I've noticed a big improvement in how he plays.  And he has some of the same boys on his team as last fall, which is nice because there were some parents I really liked and wanted to keep in touch with but am too shy to say "Hey! Let's hang out!  I need friends!"

So now I can see them a couple of times a week.

(Adele is still sleeping.  I should probably go check on her.  Or maybe she sneaked downstairs and found the ipod and is playing in her closet.  Either way, at least she's quiet.)

My girl can kick any princess' ass.

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