Thursday, August 8, 2013

But surely the next one wouldn't be as insane as the last one, right?

This morning, after dropping my son off at his first day of kindergarten, I unsuccessfully attempted to convince my husband that we need to have another baby.

He thinks I'm cracked to want another one.

I understand, I do.  But I'd also just dropped my oldest child off at real school, at his first day, for the very first time, and at the beginning of a whole new way of adjusting our lives.

Does that sentence even make sense?  I'm not entirely sure, probably because I didn't sleep much last night on account of the Kindergartner.  Well, not so much him as the fact of him going to school.  When there's a big change happening, I don't sleep, I eat a lot of carbohydrates, drink wine, and attempt to hold down all of the carbohydrates and wine because my stomach rolls and turns and tells me that the whole world is going to implode because my son is going to kindergarten.

Or something.

I could tell that Sebastian was nervous last night when he told me he didn't love me because I took away his cup of water he was using to stall going to bed.  That's not like him.  I mean, yeah, he loses his shit occasionally over stupid things because the world is so cruel to him and it's hard out here for a 5 year old, of course.  But this was different.

I told him that wasn't very nice and I came downstairs and cried, then made him homemade chocolate treats for his lunchbox because MY BABY IS GOING TO SCHOOL.

This morning, the first thing he did when he came downstairs was to tell me how sorry he was for saying that and that he didn't mean it.  And then he let me kiss him.

We walked him into school and sat with him while he ate his free breakfast, then walked him to the gym where all the students gathered first thing in the morning.

And then we left.

And then Adele and I went home and she peed on the couch because I was cleaning the kitchen and wasn't paying attention to her.

Maybe I've changed my mind on the third baby.

When Sebastian got off the school bus I had a whole 7 minutes of him telling me about his day over homemade muffins before he had had enough and wanted to play on the ipod.

I'll take it.

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