Thursday, August 9, 2012

Warm ears for everyone

I don't know if you know this about me or not, but I'm entirely predictable. 

(And people who do know me personally are giggling because they know that I am a creature of habits.  I CAN HEAR YOU, MOM.)

But I guess I didn't really know how predictable I was until earlier this week.  I was looking for the post I wrote for Sebastian's first day of preschool ever (My BABY!) when I came across this post where I wrote this:

There’s nothing in the air that would make me feel this way, no relief from the oppressiveness that hits me as I walk out the back door.  Just a simple turning of the calendar page.  For me it’s time.  It’s time to start planning for sweaters and hats and socks that I need to knit to keep my family warm, for ways to celebrate the coming holidays with food and friends and crafts.

You guys.  This is almost embarrassingIt was almost to the day that I started feeling like that again this year.  It's weird to have it all laid out in front of me, you know?

I am so ready for hot tea.  I can drink coffee all year long, but tea is only for colder days.  If I make a cup in the summer chances are I never finish it.  I do not know my reasoning behind this.  It's just how it goes.
And I'm ready to wear cardigans and jeans and not burn up.  I've still been wearing them because I like to be cozy, but it's been almost unbearable whenever I go outside. 

And yes, knitting is in the forefront again.  I'm still working on the Dahlia Cardigan, which was stalled a bit on account of its boringness.  It started out so neat and awesome and challenging, but then there were miles and miles of stockinette stitch that caused me to roll my eyes every time I picked it up.  And then I felt guilty because it's not the sweater's fault that I find it boring.  So I had to apologize to it and then everything was just weird.  I still don't think it's forgiven me.

But anyway, I've been thinking about hats.  Well, more specifically, I've spent the last hour trolling Ravelry in order to find the perfect pattern.  Both of the kids will need new hats this year.  Actually, we all will.  I've been thinking about trying to double knit them just to make them extra warm.  I started one a couple of years ago but never finished it because I had another kid.  Also the two types of yarn wasn't the same size and so the hat was wonky.

I think I've decided on this pattern, which is the same one I used before.  But I'm thinking about putting in a design or something to make it a little more interesting. Or if anyone out there knows of a better pattern, let me know!  I'll have to do a lot of math with this one to get all of the sizing down for everyone's heads, which I'm thrilled with, as you can imagine.

But first I have to finish the cardigan.  And then possibly finally finish weaving in all the ends to this sweater for Sebastian.  And maybe that shawl I was talking about awhile ago.  But then hats.  Definitely hats.


  1. I need to learn how to sew knitt... I've always wanted to make a quilt and scarves.

    1. I'd love to learn how to make a quilt! It's on my list! (My way-in-the-future list.)

  2. ha ha. I was looking through ravelry today!

    1. It's time! And the weather today was in the high 70s/low 80s, which is almost frigid, you know! Definite hat and scarf weather. ;)


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