Friday, August 17, 2012

Homemade Friday: Puff Paint! Sort of!

As you can probably tell from my post yesterday I am always on the lookout for ways to make myself feel like less of a failure as a mother.  One of the best ways to do that is to craft with the kids.  Sebastian is pretty good, though a bit rambunctious and he loses interest easily.  And Adele, of course, would much prefer dumping all of the supplies into the floor and stomping on them while simultaneously smacking you in the face and spitting on your shoes.

But every so often I decide that that day is the day I start being like all the mothers on all the mommy blogs and start creating beautiful, intricate, educational pieces of art with my kids.

(Ha.  HAHAHA.)

So this week I had one of those days.  I found something online that looked pretty cool and relatively simple for Sebastian.  I didn’t even try with Adele (see above) so we waited until she took her nap.

I even got everything out and prepared early so that when it was time for the crafting to begin I didn’t have him waiting around and whining while I set up the supplies.

See?  Preparation wins everything.

But when it was time, Sebastian wasn’t nearly impressed with my mom skills as I wanted him to be.  He was kind of more interested in his apple.  But he suffered through it because I made him.

I got the project from Disney’s Family Fun website.  Basically you put some glue on a piece of card stock in whatever design you want, then cover it in salt and shake off the excess.  Then you put drops of food coloring mixed with water on the glue/salt mixture and watch it spread around.  You’re only supposed to put one drop at a time, but Sebastian was a little overenthusiastic in his color dropping, so we had some puddles.

But it was a cute idea, even if I got more out of it than he did. 

Here’s my picture.  It’s an apple tree.  I forced him to work on this one as he was pretty much done with the process midway through the first picture.

Motherhood: Forcing your children to craft with you to create beautiful memories of you making them do things they don’t really want to do.

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