Friday, August 3, 2012

Homemade Friday: I'm tired. Here's a photo.

These Homemade Friday posts are getting more and more difficult.  I mean, I am making things, it's just I keep forgetting to take pictures.  Hell, I made some awesome muffins this morning for breakfast.  They had coconut and carrots and raisins and apples in them.  And if I really wanted to I could walk into my kitchen and take a picture of the cooked muffins, but really, that's a lot of work on almost no sleep.  

Ask me how pissed I am at last night's thunderstorm.  Go on.

So.  Here's a photo of Sebastian wearing a cape my mom made him and making a beaver dam.  (I guess the beaver dam can be the homemade part of this post?)

He's so goddamn grown up that it kills me.  Last week he stayed at my parent's house overnight and she had him call me the next morning.  He greeted me with "Hello!  Sebastian here!"

I love him so much my chest hurts.


  1. I dont have kids but i feel the same way when i see my nephew growing right in front of me!


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