Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All this sickness is just building up their immune systems, right?

So this is happening in my living room right now:


That’s how you know he’s really sick.  Adele is getting over hand, foot and mouth disease, and she’s been a cranky bear, forever smacking whoever gets in her path just so we all feel as crappy as she does, waking up in the middle, crying and screaming when I refuse to give her another snack bar.

But she’s a little better, which means that it’s time for Sebastian to get sick again, too.  He’s mostly been whiny and only wanting to lie around and watch TV or snuggle with me, which is how I always figured kids are supposed to act when they’re sick.  But usually mine just act like out of control heathens.  When I take them to the doctor for strep throat, every time, they run around laughing and squealing and forcing me to chase them while simultaneously attempting to convince the desk clerks that yes, they really are sick.  I have no idea why I feel the need to have the approval of the people checking my kids in at the doctor’s office, but there you go.

But my kids don’t ever want to lie around, even when they’re sick.  So I can tell that sweet Babash really doesn’t feel well now, which is evident by the sleeping during the day.  The last time he did that he had the flu.

But I’ve decided that even though my children are both sleeping, I’m too afraid of making a lot of noise to clean the whole house, as I should be doing.  Plus Chris asked me if that’s what I was going to do and it pissed me off so I called him an asshole.

Instead I’ll read.  Or nap.  Or maybe just goof around on the internet until one of the kids wakes up, thus making me feel like I haven’t had a break because everyone knows a break includes reclining and I do not recline when I peruse gossip sites on the internet.  

*That thing on the floor in the photo is my goggles and snorkel I bought for my trip to Florida where we stopped in Deland to swim in a spring and I was terrified of accidentally bumping into a manatee.  Yes.  I'm scared of manatees.  Also deep water in general.  Chris swam down into a cave in the springs and I hyperventilated until I saw him again.  I also tried to dive down just a little bit myself but I forgot to stop breathing in the snorkel and sucked in a bunch of water.  Sebastian is currently obsessed with the goggles and is extremely disappointed that it's been too cool outside to swim with them.

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