Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sebastian says Happy ValenDays Times

I know, I know.  It’s not entirely hip to like Valentine’s Day.  But I can’t help it.  I do.

Even in high school when everything was so very hormone and drama-filled and I didn’t have a boyfriend and so every time the holiday came around and I didn’t have someone to give me a bright red bear holding a heart that said ‘I love you Beary Much’ or even a small box of chocolates, I would tell everyone how it was nothing but a greeting-card, sappy, stupid holiday and who really wants red roses ANYWAY, but secretly I would cry and really wish I had someone to send me those cheesy roses because I am a ROMANTIC PERSON, DAMNIT.

And even when I did have someone on this holiday, I was lucky enough to get the guy who thinks it’s a ridiculous holiday and completely pointless because who needs a holiday to tell me to tell you how much I love you, anyway?

I get it.  I do.  But that doesn’t stop me from wanting a sweet, special, romantic day because at this point date nights don’t happen as often as either of us would like.  Most of our weekends are filled with housework catch-up and entertaining children who need constant interaction. 

And I think he finally gets it.  Or at least he’s faking it, which I’m fine with.  He and the kids got me a really pretty necklace and we may have some kind of date out in the near future.  And I bought him a gift that I won’t tell you about because I haven’t given it to him yet and though he never reads this blog, this would probably be the day he would start.

Sebastian had a party today at school and was allowed to wear a red shirt instead of his usual blue.  And we bought Valentines for all the kids in his class, but in true Jaime form I forgot to get something for his teachers. 

I also forgot to get something for my own kids.

(Cause I’m awesome, obviously.)

Actually, I thought about it but couldn’t get to the store before today after dropping Sebastian off at school.  So he got to come home to this big, orange dinosaur he named Ceratops, naturally.  Adele was much less interested in her pink dinosaur and much more interested in the gummi bears I sat out for her to look at and not eat and was incredibly pissed at me when I wouldn’t give her one because Sebastian snuck her one of his and she figured out how good they taste. 

Yesterday Sebastian glued hearts on some blank note cards and stamped them and colored on them with markers.  We put them in the mail to his grandparents and I hope they get there today. 

As much as I like this holiday, and all holidays, I can’t seem to plan ahead and while I still do crafty-type stuff with the kids (or at least the one who doesn’t eat the paint), it’s all entirely too rushed for my taste.

So while my heart cookies are sort of weird peach color instead of the pink I was going for, at least they aren’t burnt.


  1. Too bad Adele discovered Gummis! No wonder she was pissed!

    1. I know! I let her have another one the next day. And then her father ate the rest of them.


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