Monday, February 13, 2012

I’m ignoring the fact that I accidentally yelled at Sebastian for throwing bananas on the floor

I’m not entirely sure what has happened today.

I mean, it’s Monday.  It’s supposed to be awful and stressful and horrible and full of me wishing I was drunk alone on a beach somewhere.

But that hasn’t happened.  It’s especially surprising since Chris had to be at work early so all the dealing with crazy, hungry children first thing in the morning fell to me. Plus I was up all night dreaming zombie dreams since 'The Walking Dead' is back on TV.  (Dream spoiler alert: The zombies are defeated, but then we have to deal with thousands of starlings that are coming to attack us. That part may be that we saw a flock of them when we were driving yesterday that LITERALLY WENT ON FOR MILES.)

So really, we were supposed to have an over-the-top rough morning.  Now, the oldest didn’t get out of his pajamas until 10 a.m. and neither of the kids have brushed their teeth yet (because I FORGET TO AND THEY DON’T REMIND ME) but still, I think we’re doing okay.

Sebastian, all morning, has asked if Adele could play with him.  I’m not sure why he’s asking me, unless it’s maybe to get me to physically put her where he wants her to go, but whatever.  I’ll take it.  For the longest time I worried that they wouldn’t have a good sibling relationship.  Adele’s babyhood was mainly spent with her brother ignoring her presence unless she was keeping me from doing something he wanted me to do, which is basically all the time.  So I worried, which is what I do best.

But he’s been taking an interest in her more, lately.  It helps that she’s older now and can run around with him.  Also, I highly recommend tents.  Yes, tents.  We have an old one of Chris’ set up in our back room/play room and they both love that thing.  I don’t know what it is, but they jump around and laugh and lay down and drag toys into there.  It’s a good distraction.

And so today, so far, has been excellent.  They’ve played together while I washed dishes and cleaned up the kitchen that should have been cleaned last night but that I was too tired to mess with.  They played together while I folded and put away their laundry.  They played together while I spent five minutes checking my email.

Sebastian voluntarily went upstairs to play in his room, requesting that Adele go with him.  Hell, I even got both of them to eat peas for lunch.  Unless you think I am supermom, however, I will let you know that I hid them behind the chicken nuggets on the fork to get Adele to eat them.

So, the proverbial shit may hit the fan later, but for now, I’m gonna call this day a success. 

I snapped this blurry picture of them playing together to
send to Chris because I'm not sure he would believe me otherwise.

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