Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random Thursday: The 'I'm tired' edition

1. I can’t tell if my children are sick or not.

2. I mean, they’ve both got minor colds, but I never know when to try to medicate or when to just let time take care of it.

3. I usually leave it to time.

4. But then I thought, what if I’m causing them unnecessary pain?

5. Plus they hardly ever have fevers, which would let me know to give them something.

6. Or maybe head to the doctor.

7. Sebastian woke up coughing at 5 yesterday morning, but then he hasn’t done it sense.

8. He does have a stuffy nose, but not the kind you can blow, the kind that when you blow it nothing comes out.

9. Does that mean sinus infection?


11. I stocked up on random medicine at the store, thinking I would drug both of them up and maybe get some sleep.

12. Cause Adele woke up whiny at 5 this morning.

13. She was fine as soon as she was not alone in her room anymore.

14. I, however, was not fine.

15. Can you tell I need more sleep?

16. Someone please tell me how to medicate my children.

17. Adele also has a runny nose. 

18. I should ignore that, right?

19. I’m just going to ignore it.

20. Something else I’m ignoring, the fact that since I’ve been watching what I’m eating and exercising at the gym more, I’ve lost 5 pounds, then gained back 4 of them.

21. Double-yew-Tee-Eff body?

22. At one point this was relatively easy. 

23. I probably should stop finishing my children’s leftover chicken nuggets.

24. That might help.

25. I need a nap.

26. Also, grrrrr.

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