Friday, March 29, 2013

Homemade Friday: Imbolc Pullover

Apparently I have a thing for knitting sweaters that have lace designs in unexpected places.  Like this one

So when I saw the pattern for the Imbolc Pullover in Knitscene's Winter 2012 magazine, I kind of knew I'd be making it.

Someone needs to tell this person to check her
background before taking a picture standing in front
of her neighbor's trash can. I blame Christopher.

It's simple and something I can wear easily and often, but it's not boring, you know? 

I used Knitpicks Simply Cotton Sport.  I bought a bunch of it when it was on clearance for being discontinued.  I love the yarn and am a little sad they don't make it in color anymore.  They do, however, have a white one.  Which is a most unrealistic color for me as it would be stained by various peanut butter and jelly covered hugs and also sporadic wine spillage.

So no white, at least until my children learn to wipe their hands better.  No guarantees on me learning not to spill my wine.

I started this at the beginning of the month, I think.  Or the end of last month.  I've been a little bit lax on taking knitting notes.

I made the medium size because my gauge was wonky, as it normally is.  I also lengthened the sleeves and body because I've got abnormally long arms and torso.

It's still damp from blocking at the moment.  I only tell you because I want you to see how dedicated I was to put on a damp sweater and stand outside in the cold and force my husband to take photos of me wearing said sweater.

You're welcome. 

Pattern: Imbolc Pullover from Knitscene Winter 2012
Yarn: Knitpicks Simply Cotton Sport 
Gauge: Who the hell knows
Needle size: 3 and 4

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