Friday, December 7, 2012

Homemade Friday: The Dahlia Cardigan - finished

That's right.  Done.

I seem to be on a finishing kick lately.  I believe I started this one in the spring.  Which is to say a long time ago.

I put it on hold for awhile so I could knit other, previously mentioned things, then I ran out of yarn with about two inches of the very last sleeve left to go, so I had to order more, and while I was ordering that yarn I ordered yarn for Chris' sweater, and so had to knit that one first.  His is done, by the way.  And I didn't keep it a secret.  I'll show you it next week provided I can get him to let me take a picture of him wearing it.

I am wearing my hair like this because it's easy and it stays out of my face.

But this cardigan has been done for a few weeks and I am in love.  Again.  I've spent much of my knitting career knitting things for myself that don't turn out how I want them to, or fit wonky, or are the wrong color, even though I picked out the color myself.

But this was just how I wanted it to be.  It's light but also warm.  It's soft.  And I'm enamored with the lace pattern on the back.  The front is designed in such a way that you can tuck one side over your shoulder, then bring the other side up and tuck it in the neck.  And it stays.  I could get a pin for it but I like the simplicity of it the way it is.

I especially like the length of the sleeves.  They're long enough to keep me warm but short enough to stay out of my way when I'm working.

I tried to have Chris take a picture of it right after it was done on a day when my hair was perfect and the sun was shining and I was well rested.  But apparently he was too busy cutting down a tree that may one day fall on our house and couldn't be bothered.  Way to have your priorities straight, Christopher.  We all know that my blog trumps possible tree-house catastrophes!

So instead you get pictures of me sleep-deprived with dirty hair on a rainy day.

However I am wearing mascara, so there's that.

You're welcome.

 (More about this sweater here.)

I have no idea why everything is so greenish-yellow.

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