Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I mean, we really should have remembered a gun. Or at least a crossbow.

What if the zombie apocalypse breaks out while we’re hiking and we have to fight them off?  We should have brought a gun, I said.

My husband was not as amused as I thought he’d be:  And I just remembered why I never bring you hiking with me, he said.

He was joking, of course.  He loves it when I bring up the possible zombie apocalypse and he likes it even better when I bring up the possible alien invasion a la Falling Skies.

It’s all about being prepared, people.

We had just dropped the kids off with Chris’ parents and had a whole day to kill* before we went to visit some friends, so we planned a long hike.  Hiking was something we used to do a lot of, but of course it’s not that easy when you’ve got two children who like water and so hiking by a creek with them is not a good idea if we didn’t want to jump in after them.  Which we didn’t.

I wrote a bit about our love of hiking and being outside here, and actually that is the last time I went, I think.  Which makes me a little sad.  I mean, look at how little my babies were!

But Chris and I walked for about 3 and a half hours at Otter Creek, and I even made him hold my hand for 15 seconds in order to force romanticism on him.  I took a picture so I'd remember it.  See?

My legs were sore and I’ve still got some muscle aches, but it was so incredibly calming to spend a day just the two of us, hiking a trail we have hiked many times before, both as a young couple dating (way back in 1999) and as a married couple, and now as a married couple with kids.

And maybe next time we’ll actually take the kids with us, provided it’s warm enough for them to jump into the creek because we all know there’s no stopping it anyway.

*Kill like the zombies.


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