Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day Manifesto? Or something?

Oh Valentine’s Day. 

You are usually a day I look forward to, then become disappointed when it doesn’t live up to some commercially manufactured ideal of what you’re supposed to be.

And then I feel stupid because the commercials also make me feel like advertisers think women are only interested in what their significant other can buy them.  As I told a friend today it makes women look vapid and greedy.

And so I’ve decided, this year, that there will be no jewelry giving, there will be no hurt feelings because I wasn’t sent flowers.

I’ve got a pretty amazing life.  And I’ve got three people who I love more than anything in the world. 

Ignore the exhaustion. Focus on the cute kid.

I’ve got Sebastian, who despite his refusal to give me anything other than ‘Eskimo’ kisses because the regular ones are ‘gross’, will hug me so hard, and who told me this morning that that was my gift because “hugs are presents, too.”  (Be still, my heart!)

And he’s appreciative.  We ran out of bread this week and I baked some to ensure that he could take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to school.  When he realized what I’d done he said “Oh thank you so much!  That is so nice of you!”  It totally took me by surprise, yet didn’t.  You don’t expect a 4 year old to notice when you go out of your way for him.  But he’s not a typically 4 year old.

I’ve got Adele, who, once we got over the initial fear and screaming, is actually making potty training her much easier and quicker than with her brother.  She will blow kisses at the cat and hug anything and everything she can.  She loves to help clean up and wants to be involved in whatever everyone else is involved in.

This isn't how you work puzzles?
Sans pants and sans hands?

And I’ve got my husband, who makes me laugh and makes sure I know that I’m loved. 

He's a nice-looking man.
It’s pretty awesome.  And so much better than ugly, heart-shaped jewelry.


  1. You have a cute family! Thank you for sharing. It's only the 4th(?) Valentine's Day in my life I've had someone to date so I am still in the I-want-stuff phase. lol I got some nice flowers in a pot. Maybe someday I will be as blessed as you are with an entire family! For now, I just have my flowers and my boyfriend. :P I'm glad to find that there are people out there who appreciate what is really important. BTW I have always wanted to stop in Elizabethtown since my name is Elizabeth!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm pretty appreciative of my family, no matter how much I complain about them. (Heathens!)

      And Elizabethtown is a great place to live. You should definitely visit sometime.

      Thanks for commenting!


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