Monday, October 3, 2011

Maybe you can come up with your own title. I'm spent.

I’ve been … managing.

I guess I’m surprised that it took me a whole year to get to this point. 

All I want is peace and quiet and for all of these children to leave me alone.

Everyone in the house has been feeling under the weather the past week or so, mostly just blah and worn out, kind of snotty and headachey.  So Chris and I decided that we needed a day to ourselves, a day to recoup.  We asked his parents what was the earliest we could drop the kids off last Saturday to stay the night and they said no earlier than 6 a.m.

Thank.  You.

I did start to feel guilty with how excited I was to have so much free time.  I can’t help it.  I felt like my glee with being away from my children would somehow make me a bad mother.  But then I chose to ignore that ridiculousness and plan my day of doing nothing.

I even told Chris way ahead of time that I wasn’t doing anything but knitting all day long. 

And so I did.  I knit and I watched TV and I did some netting. 

Heaven, was what that was.

I didn’t want it to end.  The kids were angels for their grandparents, of course.

I may be paying for my time off today.

Neither of the children seem to want to leave my side. 

Sebastian follows me around, asking me to print something out for him, get him some milk, let him play with my ipod, pulling out all his toys, refusing to listen to me when I told him he couldn’t bring down his Elmo tent, that if he wanted to play with it he had to go upstairs, which resulted in both him and his tent being forcefully carried upstairs for timeout, with much flailing and thrashing involved.  Also – yelling.

The one thing Sebastian hasn’t asked much for is TV.  We started a new rule that he can only watch about one hour of it at the most, right after his nap.  It’s really surprising how well he’s taken to it, and how much easier life has been since we enforced it.

Adele has been crawling after me, crying, whining, trying to bite my leg, smacking me in the face as soon as I pick her up, trying to bite my arm, yelling, crying, whining, trying to bite my leg, smacking me in the face as soon as I pick her up, trying to bite my arm, yelling, crying, whining …

Sebastian did ask to go outside this morning and after bundling him up I let him go.  I peeked out at him and saw that he had his bemittoned hands in the fire pit ashes.  Also – his new coat was covered.

And that has been my day.

I want Saturday back.

Also, bed.

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