Thursday, October 13, 2011

Because, sometimes in the midst of the crazy, a moment is captured

And if I were to show you the pictures that I took surrounding this one, you'd see one child looking at the camera while the other didn't, one yelling, Sebastian trying to snap because he saw me snapping to make Adele pay attention, one almost falling off the swing, and the littlest one smacking the oldest one because she didn't want him to hold her back from jumping down.

But still, in this moment, we can pretend.  And maybe 10 years from now the other photos won't be remembered at all.


  1. Absolutely darling :)

  2. @AnnaThank you! And yours looks delicious! I wish I had some of that candy right now ...

  3. Awh, so heartwarming!!! They are just such a cute pair! :) And I love the filter on this - vintage cold, is it?

    Ours was a moment taken on a sick day; a sick day that I surprisingly felt grateful for...

    I really hope you will take a "moment" to come by! :)


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