Thursday, June 19, 2014

I had plenty of all-day TV days as a kid and LOOK AT HOW FANTASTIC I AM

I'm off of work for the month of July because things kind of slow down a bit at colleges in the summer.  And by 'a bit' I mean a ridiculously large amount.

I worked at WKU for a few years in the Career Services office.  I loved it.  I loved working with students and I loved being on campus and I loved what I did.  That's one of the reasons I'm excited to be back at a college.

But summers are slow, so I understand why I have to take a break.  However, I'll miss my coworkers and our discussions and I'll miss leaving the house and feeling like I contribute to something I strongly believe in.  (I know - I strongly believe in contributing to the growth and development of my children as well.  But it's different.)

I'll also miss the paycheck.

I'll be back to spending my days with my babies (who really aren't babies anymore but will forever be 'my babies.').  I think - I hope - that it will be easier this summer than in the past.  I feel more relaxed myself, and less likely to have a panic attack at the thought of taking both children to the pool by myself.  Or out in public by myself.

Plus Adele is older now and a bit more reasonable.  I think we might actually be able to do things this year.  Or at least not spend the days staring blankly at each other waiting for one of us to think of something fun to do.  My suggestions are always "Go read!  Go play outside!  Go take a nap!" Adele's are "Eat Candy!  Watch Frozen again! Play babies! Kick Sebastian!" and Sebastian's are "Watch TV!  Play video games!  Draw! Hide from Adele!"

Maybe if we can keep the fighting to a minimum we'll have some fun. So I'm looking forward to this time.  I probably will not have a craft a day or scheduled hourly activities and we will most likely have a couple of all-day TV days because Mama is tired.  But I think everyone will survive.

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