Monday, January 30, 2012

Here's what I did when I wasn't here

Oh, hello there.  Sorry for the absence on Friday.  And Thursday.  And I guess last Tuesday, while we’re on the subject.  I have no real reason for the absence, other than utter and complete apathy and also naps.

It’s always the naps.

I’ve decided to give up on making Sebastian stay in his bedroom for naptime every day.  In reality it’s more like quiet time anyway, in that most of his time is spent playing with toys.  But if I call it quiet time he’s coming out of his room every seven minutes asking if he can come downstairs.  I started feeling guilty, like I was hanging on to something that was never going to work.  So while his sister was sleeping he was spending his time watching a movie or a long show and then we’d play together.  But as I was never actually alone at any point during the day, that didn’t leave much time for rambling. 

And I know what you’re thinking.  I have lots of time while he’s watching TV.  But you don’t know my special, clingy son.  Nope.  If he’s left alone too long usually there’s a punishment doled out for me once I am back in his eyesight in the form of an epic tantrum.  He just needs to remind me of his existence in the form of yelling and throwing things and also screaming for more TV.

So.  Not worth it.

But today, however, he’s decided that he wanted to take a nap.  And so he is.  Of course, by nap I mean opening and closing his door and doing a headstand in his bed and also, maybe, reading a book.

Whatever.  He’s up there and I’m alone. 

Thank you sweet baby Jesus.

In other news my husband turned 30 yesterday and I’m relieved.  I’ve had to endure six months of him telling me that I was a cougar for being in my 30s while he was still in his 20s.  Six months is not that much older, CHRISTOPHER. 

I couldn’t force him to have a party because it was too cold or he was too old or something so we just spent Saturday in Louisville together.  Well, this was after making repeated attempts to leave the house but always having something come up and when we finally did leave the house and were 15 minutes away from home we realized that we’d left the coffee pot on so we had to turn back around and by that time we were starving and when he’s hungry he kind of shuts down but the banana we grabbed when we turned the coffee pot off helped.  Kind of.

We ate at Harvest, which is local and hippie and had the best potato salad I’ve ever eaten, but that made me feel like there was something wrong with me for wanting ketchup on my unique, fancy burger because they don’t give it to you automatically.  But really, it needed something to cut through the heaviness of the meat and chevre.  And the ketchup came in a little bowl and was probably made from humanely raised organic tomatoes that were sung ‘You are my sunshine’ every morning as dawn broke.

I’m just guessing.

That evening, at about 8 we went to Red Lobster in Elizabethtown because we had a gift card.  Apparently everyone thought it was a good idea because it was super crowded but no matter, I got drunk off two margaritas and then glared passive-aggressively at our waitress who, even though we were there long enough for most of the tables to clear out still couldn’t manage to come back and refill our water glasses or get our check for us or, you know, do her job. 

We were there two hours which is about an hour and twenty minutes longer than anyone needs to be. 

Hey!  Since there’s really no point to this blog, let me show you this picture:

And also these, which are a photo-memory box of how ridiculous my morning has been and also the pictures I've been sending Chris all day to share with him how lucky he is to not be around these children at the moment:

Yes, she did grab as many of these as she could
and shove them in her mouth before I could clean them up. 
It made breakfast a little easier this morning.

I spent an hour cleaning up Sebastian's
room yesterday. Today he did this.

I'm pretty sure this one was just for attention.
Even though the littlest one is in all the pictures she’s only responsible for the top mess.  Well, her and her father who forgot to close up the cereal and move it out of her reach when he was done with it.

Thanks, Chris.

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