Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can't help it

Adele had her 12-month check up on Tuesday.

We love the doctor and trust her, which isn’t always the case.  Sebastian’s first pediatrician left a lot to be desired and spent most of our visits trying to back out the door while I was speaking to him. 


So when this doctor seemed a little concerned about the fact that Adele has actually lost three ounces in the last three months and is in the 25th percentile, I pay attention.

Adele started out as a healthy girl, chunking up nicely.  But in the last few months she’s slimmed down considerably.  I can’t quit remarking on just how little she is, because neither Chris nor I are little people.  It always takes me by surprise.  I’ve never considered her unhealthy, just little. 

Dr. Smith was quick to reassure me that all of this is probably because Adele is moving so much more now.  She wasn’t crawling the last time we visited and she is now, and she’s pulling herself up, too.  She said she would be worrying if Adele wasn’t eating, but that girl will eat almost anything, and plenty of it.

But still, always, in the back of my mind there’s doubt.  And worry.  Especially when the doctor mentions checking blood counts and thyroids if she doesn’t gain weight.

We have to take her back in a month to check her weight again.

I’m thinking I should feed her nothing but straight buttered apple pie, just to get her numbers up.

I’m 95 percent sure it’s nothing to worry about.  But still.  I can’t help it.

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  1. thinking and praying for you. dr.smith is anna and paul's doc as well love that woman! her mother actually lives a street over. her house backs up to ours.


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