Monday, September 19, 2011

At least we remembered to sing 'Happy Birthday' to her, which didn't happen at Sebastian's first birthday party

So we made it through the birthday party.

Barely, which is obvious to anyone who attended.

You see, I am not the best at party preparation and time management.  So if you put those two things together it generally means that I’ve got my mom in the kitchen making cupcake icing at 3:45 when the party started at 3:30.


But I think we had a good time even though Adele was entirely uninterested in her presents, which is fine with me.  We didn’t even do a gift thing for Sebastian’s first birthday.  I told everyone not to bring presents but they all did anyway.  I just opened them myself whenever they showed up.  
Of course this time Sebastian did all the opening for Adele.

He’s really enjoying playing with all her toys and she joins in whenever she can wrench her new tea pot away from him.

Usually there is yelling from one or the other.

I just leave the room and let them work it out themselves until I see blood.  Then I might think about intervening. 


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