Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sebastian is insistent that he is a boxer and needs to train and I am only standing in the way of his dreams

Yesterday Sebastian came to me and told me that he and Adele were boxing, like for real boxing with fists.  And as I sat there surrounded by piles of organized, folded laundry that I knew was a wasted effort because any second one of the heathens would run through my neat piles, I considered letting them continue.

I mean, they were getting along - just practicing he assured me, and they weren't bugging me and I still had a half of a basket of laundry left.  I contemplated videotaping it but then figured I could either be the next youtube sensation of parental incompetence, or be arrested.  So I decided to tell them that maybe that isn't such a good idea as I didn't want one or both of them going to school with black eyes because I didn't want to be blamed for it.

Plus I didn't want to go to prison and have to deal with Crazy Eyes and her peeing on the floor because she was super in love with me but I didn't swing that way until I did with the pretty girl that didn't have crazy eyes.

Donna is super hot, maybe even hotter as a brunette drug smuggler, is what I'm saying.

(Don't you just love posts with excessive links to random shows that you may or may not have heard of?)

In other completely unrelated news, Adele is now sleeping in a twin bed.  As in currently, right-this-second sleeping, which is kind of a miracle as nap times are scarce these days. 

She's sleeping in a big bed that we stole from my sister.  Or was given.  But 'stole' sounds much more gangster, even if it's just a twin bed for your toddler.

Sister had an extra bed or five because she was moving into a furnished house and so we got a free bed.  And it's a sweet bed, super girly with lots of cubbies for Adele to hide her crap. 

I'd actually already bought a really neat, old iron bed frame for Adele but it was full size and buying a brand new mattress and box springs for it wasn't exactly in our budget.  So when my sister told me about her excessive bed problem I all but shouted 'YES PLEASE!!' at her because Adele was still sleeping in her crib-turned-toddler bed that she piled up with random bits of garbage and toys and blankets so she didn't really have room for her 95-percentile-in-height self.  So I don't think she was sleeping well.

We got the bed a day before Chris left town so he didn't have time to put it together himself and I've only used the drill once in my life and it didn't go so well so I didn't feel up to the task of assembling the bed myself.  Now, if it was Ikea and came with a hex key, I'd be all over it.

But what I did do for Adele was drag the mattresses and box springs upstairs so she could at least sleep on them without the frame until her father could put everything together, which he did this weekend.

And in true hoarder Adele fashion she has already filled all the cubbies on the bed with junk or, as I'm sure she would call them, 'My precioussssss!!'  I did remove all the dirty socks and random bits of paper before I took the pictures but that was all I felt comfortable doing because she was eyeballing me and I was afraid she'd bite my fingers and I didn't want to have to get rabies shots.

She still fights going to bed and screams and kicks and whatnot* but I think she might actually be sleeping better.  At least I hope she is.  And I carried all of the baby paraphernalia out of her room that isn't needed anymore - like the changing table and glider, and organized her stuff and maybe cried a bit on the inside because WHERE DID MY BABY GO?

But it's good.  We're moving onto another stage and I'm super stoked because she is ever closer to being a reasonable human being and not a 3 year old. 

And when that finally happens I can stop buying so much wine.

*By 'whatnot' I mean she punches me in the throat.**


(Here's the link to the post I wrote when Sebastian first slept in his own twin bed.  It was apparently a much bigger deal than this time.) 

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