Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hoodoo is a word I got from the show Supernatural, which I am currently addicted to*

Time change, UUUUGGGHH ... amirite?

Sebastian has been out of school for the past two days which means all day fighting between the WORLD'S WORST SIBLINGS, or maybe it's THE WORLD'S MOST NORMAL SIBLINGS.  Either way, I'm about ready to lock them both in their rooms and break out the $3 wine I bought at Trader Joes this weekend.

Good times, no?

Yesterday I took them to the gym because they can go in the daycare for two hours and I can work out and not have to listen to any arguing over who's sitting too close to whom on the couch.  However, I think that I may be suffering from some time-change related hoodoo because I was working out on the bike that has the little screen thing where you can pretend you're actually going somewhere - you know, the one that hurts your lady choad - and I almost passed out.  Like literally.  It was a course that I've done before that's tough, but doable.  But not yesterday.  I got to the top of a hill, a straight up for miles hill, and had to quit.  And then I decided I needed to cool down a bit and I didn't want to just sit down with my head between my legs because I didn't want people coming over to me and trying to make me breathe into a paper bag or anything.  So I got on the treadmill walking slow but had to hold on because my vision started going dark around the edges. 

But my point with all that is that I didn't feel up to going back to the gym today because, for one, getting Adele dressed and ready to go involves lots of chasing and holding down and screaming and I wasn't in the mood.  Also I don't want to pass out unless that one cute guy is around to comfort me and I haven't seen him the last few times I've been there.

Yesterday in the locker room after showering and whatnot I had a teen girl from the swim team (they practice there) tell me that she liked my tights.  You'd think that would be super nice and make me feel totally with it, but in my case it made me feel like she was somehow being sarcastic because I am old.  I took a picture so you could tell me if I look hobo chic or kind of in style:

Notice the hand-knit boot cuffs.  I make to order!  $20!  

But anyway, instead of gym time today I am plying my children with television.  However, I have to be careful because if Sebastian watches something that Adele isn't interested in she will just turn the TV off.  Or pull Sebastian's hair.  Or spit in his face.

I look forward to tomorrow when he is back in school and she is in school for one whole hour that I have to myself.

Now if you'll excuse me the children are sort-of occupied** so I'm going to go work on some knitting because of course I do.  I'm knitting to sell which means my children get screwed in the hand-knit department and also my wrists hurt.

Anybody need a scarf or hat or socks or baby sweater?  I'm totally available!

*Or maybe I'm just addicted to watching the troubled Dean.  I CAN SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF, DEAN!

**Nevermind - they're totally screaming at each other again.


  1. Hahha.

    Yeah...troubled Dean. Who DOESN'T want to save him?

    1. Right?! I'm only on the second season, but I'm hooked!


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