Monday, September 24, 2012

Random Monday: In which I discuss nothing of importance

1. Hey.  Remember me?

2. I don't know why I feel the need to apologize for not writing here very often anymore.  I realize that not very many of you are waiting around for me to post something.

3. And yet, I'm still sorry.  Mostly to myself.

4. I miss writing my daily post.

5. I've been working on a post for Adele's birthday, which was the 16th.  I'm a little late.

6. Part of the reason is exhaustion.

7. The other part is I've been writing real live work that I may one day get paid for.

8. I mean, they've said they were going to pay me. 

9. Two months ago.

10. I've been writing for the Kentucky At Home magazine for The News-EnterpriseHere's the link if you feel like looking at it.

11. Although I can't promise it's Pulitzer-worthy stories or anything.

12. But I like doing it, though the only time to do it is the couple of hours Adele is sleeping during the day and when I can distract Sebastian with TV.

13. He's pretty neglected.  But hopefully it won't scar him too bad.

14.  He does get a little zombie-fied, though.

15. But we'll just add a little torn clothes and make-up and he'll be ready for Halloween.

16. Hey, speaking of Halloween, I'm pretty stoked about the cooler weather.

17. Though it was directly responsible for me not wanting to get out from under my feather blanket this morning.

18. That and the fact that it was Monday.

19. And Adele woke up in the middle of the night.

20. Again.

21. This time was easier because all I had to do was give her pacifier back that had fallen out of her crib.  And cover her back up.

22. (Don't judge the paci use.  It's in the plan to get rid of it.  It's just that I like sleeping and it has been in short supply lately.)

23. Saturday night she was up for two hours.

24. Wednesday night Sebastian was up puking every two hours until 4 in the morning.

25. It's been a rough week.

26. Or month.

27. Here's a picture of my kid eating a meatball on a fork while watching TV. 

28. I thought it was funny.  It made me giggle.

29. Back to work.

30. The end.

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