Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Conversations with Sebastian, Vol. Whatever

So.  I seem to be neglecting this space.  But it's not intentional, I promise.  It's just that when I have a minute to myself, and usually only a minute, my brain won't focus enough to write anything remotely interesting.

So you will have to bear (is it bare?  I just realized that I have know idea.) with me for a little bit longer while I find my mojo again.

I mean, if Stella can get her groove back, surely I can, right?

(Do you see what I mean?  That was one of the lamest, oldest pop culture references ever.  I knew that and still I used it.  Also I'm not entirely sure I haven't already used it somewhere on this blog.)

So.  To alleviate some of your withdrawal from my nonsense, here's some nonsense from my kid.  He's a dork.

Here he and Chris were talking about good and bad guys.  Obviously Sebastian always has to be the good guy and will flip his shit if you suggest that maybe he might want to think about taking turns on who has to be the bad guy.

It's really important to him.


Chris: What's my bad guy name?



(For the record, I totally didn't teach him that.)



  1. this post makes me smile :)

    Asian kinky spider? awesome. and that picture? classic.

    I think your groove is just fine, my dear.


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