Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If I did go out I’d probably walk up to random children and ask if they had to potty

I’m drained, guys.  Maybe it has something to do with being 30 now (you know, ‘over the hill’).  Or maybe it has something to do with a little one possibly teething but most definitely not sleeping last night.  


I’m leaning toward that last one.

Most of the time it really doesn’t bother me that I don’t have a social life.  I’m busy and occupied and not sitting around waiting for someone to invite me out.  But sometimes it just gets to me.  I miss my friends and I miss being stupid and I miss dancing and I miss having no responsibility.  

You hear people talk about their weekends and what they’re doing and how they sleep as late as they want and go wherever they want and do whatever they want.

Do you know what my weekends are like?  Every other day of the week except maybe just a little more relaxed since Chris is home.  But he’s loaded down with homework and trying to stay caught up on yardwork-type stuff.  

And so a lot of parenting and household maintenance falls to me.  

I need a break.  

I need a day (or two) with friends.  I need some drinks and some laughter and most definitely some adult conversation.

I need to be able to get in the car without making sure I remembered diapers and changes of clothes and toys and food.

I need to be able to get out of that car without having to stop and take a couple of babies out of their car seats.

I need to not have to wipe bottoms or clean up food that’s been thrown on the floor or navigate through tantrums.

I need to be able to be an adult.  I need to be able to be a teenager.  

I need to be Jaime, not Mommy (or Ming Ming, as I’m called these days).

I need to be friend, not mother or wife, just for a little bit.

So … Who’s free?

Lillith Fair 1999.  Also known as my first encounter with the gays.  Also known as a time to just
do whatever the hell I wanted.  I totally stole this picture from my friend's facebook page.  Hope you
don't mind!  I'm the one in the middle.  I'd like to tell my past self that bras are awesome and I should
totally think about wearing one.

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