Monday, January 26, 2015

Sebastian, age 6 1/2 years

This morning on the way to school Sebastian asked me if, when he's an adult and has a job, if it doesn't pay enough for him to buy a house could he just live with me?

I said sure thing.

This kid.  He's so thoughtful, you know?  And I don't mean 'thoughtful' as in kind and caring, though he's that, too.

I mean 'thoughtful' as in he thinks deeply about everything.  He's continually analyzing and learning and delving deeper into whatever subject he's interested in.

He asks me religious questions that I can't answer, ones that I've never even considered.  He's talked like an adult since he was 3.  He's quick to defend everyone and everything.  He's genuinely worried about sharks getting a bum rap, and wants to help out all the endangered animals.

He pretends to be humble so we tell him how awesome he is.  He can read his Harry Potter book, but I think the thickness intimidates him.  Everyone who meets him loves him.  He's polite and quick to help - this past week he decided to make my bed for me every day because "I don't want you to have to do it, Mom."

He also unloaded the silverware from the dishwasher and has kept his room clean.  He is the easiest kid ever to get ready in the morning because he does it all himself.  He wakes up, gets dressed, brushes his teeth after breakfast and puts his coat and shoes on.  The only thing have to do is make him breakfast - and that's because I won't let him use the toaster or bread knife without me, I'm pretty confident he could do it all alone but I'm not ready to let that go just yet.

He loves books and reading and calls himself a bookworm, but also would have his nose glued to his tablet if I let him.  He's obsessed with recycling - but in his case it means using the boxes that his legos come in to hold other toys.  "I'm finding other uses for it, Mom," he says.

He runs in front of me to hold doors open.  He is ridiculously sensitive and takes everything literally, both of which he gets from me.  But that helps me understand him.  It helps me watch what I say and I can tell what he's thinking, or how he will react in certain situations.

He's tougher than he should be, and is a physical boy, running and kicking and wrestling and flipping and jumping - sometimes on his sister.

He attempts to reason with Adele - asking her nicely if would please stop spitting on him because he really doesn't like it, which never works but it's good that he keeps trying anyway.

His hugs can hurt because he squeezes as hard as he can and he still insists on jumping into my arms before bed.  He calls them jump-hugs.

He takes his own showers, requiring no assistance from his parents.  He's ridiculously independent but still sometimes wants to be babied, which I'm happy to do because it is a rare occurrence.

He's grown up much faster than I ever thought he would.  I worry sometimes that I'm doing him a disservice because his sister requires, or demands, so much more of our time and attention.  Sebastian doesn't, but he still needs us, just not in the same way.  He's much quieter about it.  He does what we ask him too, mostly, without fighting or arguing and he respects our rules.

This kid.  This boy.  He's 6 and 1/2 and I can't hardly believe it.  He's reading and writing and doing math in his head and he's empathetic to a fault sometimes.

I can almost see the man he will become.  But he's still and will forever be my sweet boy.

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