Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I swear the shirt doesn't look as weird as it does in this photo

Note to self:

When your husband is out of town for the night don't stay up late sewing a pink shirt just because if he was home he'd make you go to bed and be all disciplined and grown up and whatnot.

(This pink shirt that you can almost see.
Also - yes I took a selfie at work.  Don't tell anyone.)

And then, once you finish the shirt, don't stay up even later reading Game of Thrones to 'calm down from all the sewing.'

(It totally makes sense.)

(In my defense I've just started reading the series so there isn't a whole lot of blood and death in the first 15 pages.)

(I said not a lot.  I didn't say not any.)

Because even if you do stay up late, you still have to wake up earlier than usual because this is the first time you've been completely responsible for getting a particular child ready before she goes to daycare and you go to work.  And we all know which painfully difficult child I am talking about.  The one who, when you try to help her dress, will run away from you.  Every. Single. Time.

So do not stay up late as you also have to awaken early because of Responsibilities and part of your Responsibilities include using your brain to put words in a pleasing order to create sentences that someone may want to one day read.  It is very hard to do this when you are sleep deprived and having a difficult time focusing and your eyes hurt from all the not sleeping they are doing.

And then, on your lunch break, definitely don't sit outside in the warm sunshine reading more of Game of Thrones because all it will make you want to do is stay there reading pleasingly structured words and you know that spring and warmth is still hard to come by and it feels so wonderful right now.

Normally you are actually thrilled to return to work after your lunch break.  However the call of the sunshine is very strong on days with sleep deprivation.  You will resist.  But it will hurt a little.

So think about that, self, next time you think it's more important to sew a pretty shirt than to sleep.

(Although I know you know that I know that you will probably choose sewing.)

(I make no apologies for the amount of parentheticals this post includes.  Or the fact that I'm probably using that word wrong.  SLEEP DEPRIVATION.)

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