Friday, March 21, 2014

Homemade Friday: Showoff Bag by made by rae

Guys, I think it's sewing season.

I don't mean to designate certain seasons to my "I need to make all of the things" addiction, but that's how my brain seems to work.

The yarn has been languishing and I've barely picked my knitting needles up in the last few weeks.  I feel a built guilty about it because I've got a couple of projects started and staring at me, telling me not to put them aside for newer projects.

However, I tell them to shut up and pull out my sewing machine.

Recently I decided I needed a larger bag because every Thursday I bring home two mugs and a travel mug and a planner and a notebook and whatever else has been thrown in my purse for that week.  Usually that means a large assortment of gum wrappers from my children.  And socks.

(Yes, I realize that is a lot of mugs.  I have my reasons.)

So my purse wasn't big enough for all of that.  Or rather, I could shove everything in it but felt the straps straining and stretching and protesting against my mistreatment.

Instead of buying one I thought it would be a good idea to sew one as I have lots of patterns and fabric and skillz.

And then I found the Showoff bag by made by rae.  No, do not ask me why I was searching out bag patterns when I already had some I could use.  I have no answer for that.

So I bought that pattern.  And then I didn't want to use any of the fabric I already had.  So I bought more fabric.

But look how pretty!

The pattern was easy and straightforward, and really enjoyable to sew.

I used a pink floral cotton fabric for the 'showoff' part that I found at a big box store for around $4 a yard.  The dark grey top and straps were something I already had.  The inner light grey is a cotton lining.

The pockets were a bit of an adjustment to the pattern, but that's all I changed.

I love the bag.  It's big enough to hold all of my mugs, which is nice, and it's strong enough not to struggle with whatever I throw in it.

(I've also sewn a dress since I made this bag. It's the Washi dress, also by made by rae.  Look for that next week!)

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