Monday, September 23, 2013

Random Monday: In which I discuss soccer and lack of sleep and knitting.

1. We're coming off a very busy weekend.

2. Like three soccer games, a birthday party and friend get-together weekend.

3. It was glorious.

4. Not to brag or anything, but my son is turning into quite the little soccer player.

5. Last year he didn't really get that much of a chance to play because his coaches strategy was to put in all the best players so they could score as many goals against the other team as possible.

6. I was not on board with this strategy, and not just because it meant my kid didn't get to play that much.  I don't think it was teaching the kids a very good lesson.

7. This year Sebastian's coach is a woman, and she's sweet and encouraging.

8. Plus my kid plays more, which means that he's improved tremendously.  It's neat to watch them learn and grow, you know?

9. Adele is also pretty good at soccer.

10. She's just having trouble learning that you're supposed to stop at the white line when you're out of bounds.

11. She just keeps going.  And going.  And going.

12.  No matter who tries to tell her to stop.  All the way onto other fields.

13.  I don't think her coach was too happy with her.  But I just laughed.  She's 3.  I think he might be expecting a bit much from someone who's that young and never played before.

14.  And she just really likes to run and kick the ball.

15.  She's much more coordinated than I ever was.

16.  Guys.  I'm totally loving being a soccer mom.

17.  I think today is going to be rough because I have a lot of real newspaper writing work that I need to do.

18.  And not much sleep happened last night. 

19.  A certain young girl was up for hours last night.

20. There was screaming and whining and finally just talking to her animals.

21.  After Chris checked on her I just turned the monitor off. 


23.  I don't understand why children don't get that.

24.  Plus I have a lot of knitting to do because I'm trying to finish a black cardigan for myself before I make anything else for my etsy shop.  (Peruse! Buy! Share! Please!)

25.  Because in my mind I have to finish it before I work on anything else because otherwise I'd be cheating on my black cardigan.

26.  And cheating is bad.

27.  Here are some blurry pictures that don't have anything to do with this post:

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