Wednesday, May 8, 2013

She's eaten a ton of cheddar cheese this morning so I think that means she's feeling better

I had a weird dream last night.  Apparently Katherine Heigl was a present-day werewolf who fell in love with a werewolf hunter and she turned him into a werewolf but none of his friends knew.  And being a werewolf made him a better werewolf hunter so he could hunt out his new werewolf friends.

And then I dreamed I was driving people to go bowling - like friends and family.

I promise I haven't taken any strange drugs lately, but I have been completely sleep deprived because of a certain small girl with a ferocious stomach bug.

She only barfed once, and of course it was completely down the front of my shirt.  But we have spent the past two and a half days in the bathroom.  It's been ... something.

But the (relatively) nice thing about Adele being sick is that she's a cuddly bug.  So when I haven't been in the bathroom with her I've been holding her.  Or sitting down on the couch with her.  Or letting her lay her head on my shoulder while I rub her back.  That doesn't happen all that often in the GO-GO-GO that is her 2-and-a-half-year-old, ridiculously hyper self.  So we slowed down a little.

Of course this lead to intense jealously from her brother, who lashed out by telling me he wanted me to go to jail and that the next time I came to visit him at his school he would refuse to sit by me.

My angel.

But I've tried to counter it by spending more time with him one-on-one, when Adele is sleeping, and it seems to be working.  His attitude has been better.  Of course, he could have always been mildly sick himself, but who knows.  You can't really tell with him.  And I'm still kicking myself for taking Adele to the doctor for them to tell me to give her rest and fluids when I already knew that she needed rest and fluids because COMMON SENSE.  But I always worry that the kids will have some kind of weird infection that I won't be able to cure without antibiotics, which is ridiculous, I know.

So.  Babash can have rest and fluids if he starts acting really for real sick and not just fake, I-want-attention sick.

But Adele finally seems to be better, and we haven't had to spend extended time in the bathroom once today, which is a huge improvement already.  And she slept all night last night, except for that one time when she lost her paci and screamed and I made Chris go up and take care of it because whenever I try to she won't let go and I have to bring her downstairs to our bed and no one sleeps at all.


I was trying to recreate this picture:

Do you think it worked?


  1. Our Jack had his paci until he was 3 and I could care less what others thought or said. We were going through a deployment and I wasn't going to make my life harder or his more traumatic by taking it away out of fear of what others might say! Do it when it works for you. Great read and I hope she gets to feeling better and everyone gets some sleep! Much love!

    1. Thank you! There's so much judgement when it comes to motherhood!

      We do have plans to get rid of it. Or maybe we have plans to have plans ...

      I enjoy sleeping is what I'm saying.


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