Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will now by stock in antibiotics

Still a bat.  Still sick.  Still not being still.

Someone should tell my children that when they are sick they need to sit still and calm and possibly cuddle with their mother, who is also sick.

Strep throat is back, ya’ll.  And it still suuuuuucccckkks.

I mean, I’m just assuming that I have strep throat as well since both my children think it’s okay to blow air raspberries right in my face, thus sharing all of their germs and possibly whatever food they have in their mouths at the time.

(I’m not sorry for that disgusting image.  I’m too tired to come up with something else.)

Adele had a fever Saturday night after we had some friends over, including all of their kids, so we also unknowingly spread the germs to all of them.

You’re welcome.  Come back anytime!

I waited all Sunday for her fever to just go away so I could put my head back in the sand and pretend like none of it was happening, but that didn’t work, so to the doctor we went on Monday.  I hadn’t made an appointment for Sebastian because I was also thinking that if I ignored it, he wouldn’t actually be sick.  Even though he had a small fever and was super whiny and whatnot. 

But then Adele was positive and the doctor asked if we wanted to test him, too.  So I figured I didn’t want to look like a bad parent in front of her so I said yes.

And he’s sick, too.

I’ve got a fever and feel like someone is stomping on my head and shoulders continually and also trying to pull my eyelids closed, but the thought of taking both children to the doctor with me is enough to keep me self-medicating with ibuprofen and wine.  Except I don’t drink wine during the week, which is even more of a bummer.  So it’s ibuprofen and hot tea.  Boring, no?

I had plans to go to the gym today but can’t decide if I would make myself feel better or worse.  I like running and I usually feel great afterward.  But I also like sleeping and not passing out on a treadmill at the gym.  Who’s got advice on this?

(I’ve been going to the gym so much recently, like 3-4 times a week, that I actually miss it.  Crazy, right?)

I don’t really have a clever way to end this so I’m going to complain about my children again.  Seriously, why won’t they be still?  They insist on playing and want me to do it with them, but they are both grumpy because they don’t feel well, so it’s been nonstop fun at my house the past couple of days.

So while Adele is napping and Sebastian is occupied with TV I think I’m going to lie down.  Although every time he sees me lying down he feels the need to jump on my head.  

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  1. I'm sure your gym friends would appreciate you not sharing your germs with them - hope you and the kids are starting to feel all better now


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