Wednesday, February 5, 2014

He said it was 75 degrees there. I hate him a little bit.

Guys.  It was awfully nice for my husband to leave town right in the middle of snowmageddon and icepocalypse and days and days of both of my children being at home with me all day.  And when I had a job interview for a creative, fufilling-type job (it went well, thanks for asking, even though I am very expressive with my hands, but I’m Italian so I’m just in touch with my roots, is what I say.)

I mean, I guess he didn’t know all of this was happening when he planned his work trip, but still.  AM NOT HAPPY WITH YOU CHRISTOPHER, ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU WENT SOMEWHERE WARM.

I took both of my children to Target yesterday because I had nervous energy on account of the interview and plus I needed pantyhose.  I don’t usually take my children to stores because I have to spend the entire time telling them that they are not allowed to pick up random items and put them in the cart, and even though they are in the cart it doesn’t mean that I’m going to purchase them.  And then I have to hand over a pile of crap to the cashier and tell him that hey, we don’t want this and my children are heathens and can’t be taken anywhere.  And that happened yesterday.  Of course it happened.  But tears also happened.  As did me telling the woman in line behind me to ram my daughter with her cart to get her to move because Adele was damned if she was leaving the store without a piece of candy. 

I did not buy the candy.  Nor the watch my son wanted that caused actual, unexpected tears.  I mean, yes, he does get upset when I refuse to buy him things sometimes.  But it doesn’t usually end in devastation.  So I am a horrible, horrible mother, even though I bought them the Despicable Me 2 movie because it was on sale.

All of this was in the morning before my interview where I needed to be charming and engaging and professional.  Luckily the children were somewhat calmer by the time I left my them at home with my mother, who was kind enough to come to my house and watch them as MY HUSBAND WAS OUT OF TOWN. 

And today I am cold and possibly acquiring a sinus infection as my eyeballs hurt and my nose is stuffed up.  Both of the children are extremely tired of being cooped up in this house with me.  I had a friend who lives within walking distance offer to take the kids for a bit but the thought of layering everyone up and walking/sliding over to her house on the ice was exhausting.  So maybe not.

Plus Sebastian has a dentist appointment this afternoon.  I do not know if we’ll get there because icepocalypse.


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