Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving is a time for dodging barf. Also for dislocated elbow joints.

Hello.  How was your Thanksgiving holiday?  I hope it was nice and full of good food and cheer and whatnot.

Mine was.  Partially.  I mean, there was all the good food and family and fun.  But there was also barfing and dislocated bones.  And then more barfing.

Wednesday we went to my parents' house to help my mom bake pies.  It was really fun, the kids mostly behaved and helped roll out the crust and Adele stuck her fingers in it over and over and over again, but Nana just fixed the holes and went on.

On Thursday we went to visit Chris' parents for a little bit, then some other friends, then on to my parents' house for the huge, delicious meal.

And then on Friday Adele barfed.  So I left her and went shopping with my mom and niece.

(Kidding!  I mean, I did go shopping but there was much hand wringing and doubt and worry involved in my decision to leave.)

She barfed again while I was gone.  Chris sent me a picture of her holding a bowl of barf and said that she was better at barfing into a bowl than she is at peeing on the potty. 

And then because she felt bad that I missed it she barfed again for me when I got home.  And then we put up out Christmas tree.  It was fun and only a little bit argument-inducing as Adele wasn't putting the ornaments on how Sebastian wanted her to.  Apparently 10 ornaments on one part of a string of lights is not the way to do it.

On Saturday there was no barfing, and I finished decorating.  And then it was Adele's naptime and when I was trying to get her to go upstairs she did that thing where she jellyfished her entire body and I attempted to pull her upstairs by her arms because that's the only thing I could hold on to and then she cried because I dislocated her elbow joint because I am a horrible, horrible mother.  And then I wanted to barf.

It's apparently called Nursemaid's elbow and isn't that uncommon in kids.  I would have felt worse except a friend of mine, who is a wonderfully calm and patient mother, did the same thing to her daughter a few years ago.

I didn't really know what had happened, honestly.  She just kept crying and holding her arm and wouldn't let me move it.  So we went to CareFirst and waited and the doctor came in and pushed the bone back in place and she screamed and cried.  He said she should start using it again by the time the x-rays were done.  And the x-rays were horrible and awful because I had to hold her arm down while she screamed because SHE WAS IN PAIN.  And then she was pissed and still wasn't moving her arm so the doctor ordered more x-rays just in case because she was pointing to her wrist and saying that was were her arm hurt.  So this time they lay her down on the x-ray table and I held her down again while she screamed and then she fell asleep because she was exhausted from all the screaming.  Plus, naptime.

The doctor came back in and said all the bones looked fine, and he told me to wake her up to see if she could move her arm or if he'd have to try again to put the joint back in place.  But I couldn't get her to wake up and we moved her arm all around and she didn't even flinch so we left.

Sleepy baby girl in the doctor's office.
She woke up before I got her in the car and said her arm was all better and she was back to her crazy self, albeit a milder version.

And then yesterday she was calm in the morning, which should have been an indication that as soon as I put her down for a nap (without the jellyfish or dislocated elbow joint, thankyouverymuch) she would barf all over herself and her blankets.  I cleaned her and her bed up then tucked her in and she went right to sleep.  She woke up calm and ate dinner and hasn't barfed since.  So, fingers crossed, we're done with all that.

This was right before she barfed all over everything. 

Also - I am a horrible, horrible mother.

Also again, I am apparently trying to see how many times I can incorporate the word 'barf' into one post. 


  1. oohhh...sorry about the barfing and the injury... ours had some tears, but with 6 kids 11 and under that was bound to happen

    1. Aren't holidays normally big cry-fests anyway? :)


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